The one about 100, 297, and 9,207

If you’re wondering what this means, read on!

On Tuesday, November 15th, we brewed our 100th batch of beer. Sometimes we brew full 7 barrel batches, sometimes a half batch, and sometimes we brew a test batch or a specialty batch on the 1 barrel system. All in all, we’ve brewed 297 barrels of beer, which amounts to 9,207 gallons.

Tuesday’s brew was the third batch of our Crooked Fence Imperial Pilsner. What’s a pilsner? It’s a type of lager with more hop forward flavors… remember….. a pilsner is a type of lager. We make true lagers, storing our beer at colder temperatures for longer periods of time to improve clarity and flavor. We definitely notice a difference in taste before and after the lagering process!

We call this an Imperial Pilsner because it’s more than an average pilsner….. more Nobel and Saaz hops…. more malt…. more color…. more flavor.

This 100th beer was definitely an auspicious occasion. From those 9,207 gallons of beer, we’ve sold some wholesale (cans and kegs) but our fabulous tap room staff has poured…

26,301 pints
721 13oz glasses of barrel aged beers
4,770 10oz glasses
11,991 4 oz glasses

And we’ve also canned and sold 6001 crowlers.

That’s a lot of beer!!!

Check back in 2023 for Batch #3 of Crooked Fence Imperial Pilsner….. lucky #100.

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