In the beginning…

It is a dream 30 years in the making. We worked as scientists… in drug discovery, cell biology, biochemistry, and even agriculture. On the side, we both dabbled in homebrewing; one of us much more than the other! We contributed to academic labs, big pharmaceutical companies, and successful (and not so successful) biotech companies, and even helped develop two approved, marketed drugs. Through the years, we weathered the changes, good and bad, including layoffs, closings, and months of unemployment. The recession of 2007/2008 hit and with it a long bout of unemployment during which the idea for bmc brewing was born and promptly shelved as new jobs became reality. Now that our 4 wonderful children are grown, productive members of society (almost), we decided to take control of our own destiny and bmc brewing was born. If you are curious about what bmc stands for, stop in and ask us!

Our mission is to serve Chatham County one pint at a time! We support local businesses throughout the county and the Piedmont as much as possible by purchasing our supplies locally whenever available. We will work to make the county a better place to live through support of our local non-profits, and we welcome everybody to our brewery and taproom.

john & carmen