3 month Birthday!

We’ve been open for 12 weeks as of today! That’s 84 days! We started out with 5 beers on tap and 2 CCW hard ciders and now we’ve got 15 beers on tap and waiting anxiously for some kegs to kick so that we can put some new beers on tap! We sold an entire 1 barrel batch of Cottidae Grapefruit IPA and a seven barrel batch of our Mendel’s Dominant Recessive Kölsch had to brew second batches of both.

We had an inaugural Smelt art show of tiny black and white doodles which gave way to an exhibit of large colorful pieces. It took a couple months to get our act together for our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting, but it was a smashing success. We’ve hired a wonderful staff to brew and tend bar. All our beertenders are Cicerone Certified Beer Servers, so come on in and ask them about our beers…. they can give you some educated insight into which beers you might like.

We’ve been selling beers off site and meeting more of the community we are serving one pint at a time. It’s been an honor and a pleasure opening the first microbrewery in Pittsboro (but hopefully not the last) in the heart of The Chatham Beverage District at The Plant. Most importantly, though… we were able to find a way to have our cookies made (thank you, Carolina Cravings). We’ve got Chocolate Chip Cookies made with spent grain from brewing, and soon we will have Pumpkin Cookies for the Fall.

It’s been a great 3 months. We’re looking forward to the next 3 months…. and the next 3 years…and the next 30 years. Come down to 213 Lorax Lane soon and get to know us at Bite My Cookies Brewing, Co. We have something for everyone, and we’re certain that we’ll become your favorite #GreatLocalJoint!

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