An old friend introduced me to this fascinating app, what3words. It divides the world into 3 meter squares that have labels of 3 unique words. For example, the 9/11 Memorial in Pittsboro can be found at ///matting.nanny.extensive.

Where is bmc?

We have a door at ///heartbeat.solidarity.bathtub, or it could be ///efforts.lizard.carnivore!! There’s a door off the back parking lot at ///smallish.smirks.cabbage. There’s a purple door to our game room at ///acquaint.equal.wits and a blue door on our patio at ///server.timbered.backpacks.

Beer will actually be brewed at ///pressures.bumper.confidential and we’ll serve beer at ///host.infamous.nylon and ///section.freebies.triumph!

I haven’t figured out which is my favorite entrance or my favorite what3words.

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