Our Beers

All our beers are brewed on site using ingredients sourced as locally as we can get them! We try to stay true to style with traditional grains, yeasts, and hops when possible. In addition, bmc brewing is proud to showcase the extraordinary brews of the North Carolina Homebrewer’s Association very first Brewer of the Year (Carolina Fermentations Unlimited).  These small one-barrel batches of beer are guaranteed to move fast, so get them while they’re on tap!

Scroll down for a list of beers currently on tap. Also available in cans in the tap room fridge!

Descriptions can be found here: All the Beers We’ve Brewed


% alc / volIBU
Mendel’s Dominant Recessive Kölsch Ale  4.8 %24
Mexia Mexican Lager 5.1 %16
Peace Love Paws Blonde Ale4.7 %15
Hopper’s German Wheat Ale 4.8 %16
Witty Heart Song Wit 4.4 %16
GRIM Ale4.5 %11
Mug Shot Coffee Cream Ale5.3 %15
Waddle of Penguins Amber Ale4.3 %26
Black As My Heart India Pale Ale7.9 %76
Dinkel Tinkel Saison Farmhouse Ale6.3 %40
Crooked Fence Imperial Pilsner7.2 %27
Pit Pucker Peach Sour Ale5.4 %26
Lime After Lime Sour Ale5.4 %26
Cascades of Insanity India Pale Ale7.4 %49
Achromatic India Black Ale6.8 %69
Blood Moon India Pale Ale7.4 %63
Local Yokel Landlord’s Epiphany India Pale Ale7.6 %71
Uisce Móna Stout 4.8 %23
Barrel Aged Manneken Stout10.1 %35
Oud Mullet Barleywine (BOTTLES ONLY)11.1 %89


Stay Tuned:

A variety of specialty and seasonal beers, including Bite My Pickle Sour, Kid Spit Double Rye IPA, Crushed Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin Ale, and many more will also be offered on a rotating basis. These will be part of a line of beers known as “Stay tuned” and will be offered throughout the year, with particularly popular beers joining our regular line of taps.