Our Beers

All our beers are brewed on site using ingredients sourced as locally as we can get them! We try to stay true to style with traditional grains, yeasts, and hops when possible. In addition, bmc brewing is proud to showcase the extraordinary brews of the North Carolina Homebrewer’s Association very first Brewer of the Year (Carolina Fermentations Unlimited).  These small one-barrel batches of beer are guaranteed to move fast, so get them while they’re on tap!

Scroll down for a list of beers currently on tap.


Baby’s Oatmeal Stout

Baby’s Oatmeal Stout is a nod to Frances Perkins, the first woman to serve in a Presidential Cabinet.  A workers right advocate, she was Secretary of Labor under both Roosevelt and Truman.  This stout boasts toasted oats, a local grain bill, and honey for depth. Baby is a reference to her namesake, Frances Houseman, and we hope that no one puts Baby’s Oatmeal Stout in a corner.

Barrel Aged Uisce Móna Stout 

Irish stout with roasted barley and dark crystal malt complexity. 4.8% ABV with 23 IBU of bitterness from Centennial hops, finished with East Kent Goldings for hop aroma. Barrel aged for 2 months in Smooth Ambler Bourbon Barrels! It has subtle sweet undertones of the bourbon on the aroma and the finish.

Buddy’s Pale Ale

An English style pale ale featuring Epiphany Foundation malt and East Kent Goldings hops. Buddy (always referred to as “my male dog, Buddy”) was the owner’s favorite dog and deserves to have a beer named after him. All humans should be so lucky to have a buddy dog. 5.3% ABV, 34 IBU.

Bumbles Bounce Maibock

We’re releasing this Maibock a bit early. Maibock translates to “Month of May” and is brewed to be enjoyed at spring festivals. Lagered for 6 weeks at 34°F, this beer boasts 8% ABV, hints of caramel, 28 IBU of bitterness so this friendly monster of a traditional German beer will help you welcome spring in the best way possible.

Butt Sniff Tango Mango Sour Ale

Dogs are the most interesting creatures, and they are interested in getting to know each other in the strangest way possible! Don’t let the name fool you, this sour is filled with mango fruit that comes through in the nose and taste, with a high level of sour. Sit back with a couple of your favorite four-legged friends, a group of human friends, a few of these sours and watch the dog tango in action. With only 3.7 % ABV and 30 IBU’s, enjoy more than one!

Cascades of Insanity IPA

An English IPA based on an overabundance of Cascade family hops for bitterness, flavor and aroma. As IPAs have trended to more and more bitterness and hops flavors, when can we say we have reached maximum hop overload and just end the insanity? Not yet! 7.4% ABV, 49 IBU.

Covfefe Coffee Blonde Ale

Coffee Blonde is our first Beverage District collaboration beer.  Brewed with cold brew concentrate from Vortex Roasters Sumatra Manheling coffee, this beer also boasts Epiphany Foundation and Vienna malts with Cascades bittering and Simcoe aroma hops. 4.6%ABV, 18 IBU.

Cottidae Grapefruit India Pale Ale

West Coast-Style IPA with plenty of citrus highlights from Simco, Amarillo, and Cascade hops enhanced with grapefruit zest and finished with fresh ruby red grapefruit juice.  Hopped to 70 IBU and fermented to 7.5% ABV.  Inspired by Sculpin!

Crooked Fence Imperial Pilsner

It’s good to be the king! Featuring Epiphany Pilsner malt with 7.2 % ABV and 27 IBU of crisp Nobel hop bitterness, this lager is characterized by a malty smoothness highlighted by 2 months of cellaring at near freezing temperatures. Dry hopped with 2 pounds/barrel of Saaz hops, this beer will make you feel regal and ready to take on the world!

Fancy Pants India Pale Ale

This IPA boasts Simcoe hops and is as hoppy and refreshing as any summer night in the mountains and valleys of Western Massachusetts. One sip of this beer will transport you to the stunning views from the Goat Peak observation tower or to the quiet tranquility of the Montague Book Mill and Lady Killigrew Cafe. 6.8%ABV, 51 IBU.

Golden Moments Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian pale ale made with Vienna and Pilsner malts from Epiphany Malt in Durham, NC. This beer is 7.0% ABV with 22 IBU from Hallertau Blanc and Saaz hops to finish. A light and refreshing traditional Belgian beer. Enjoy this drinkable beer while contemplating life and all the moments that made you, you.

Hopper’s German Wheat Ale

A traditional German style wheat beer brewed in homage to Grace Hopper, a ground-breaking female computer scientist and one of the first woman admirals in the US Navy. Only the third person in the world to program Harvard’s Mark I computer, Admiral Hopper used her visionary talent to conceive of a wider audience for computers based on machine-agnostic languages that any programmer could learn and use. 4.8% ABV, 16 IBU.

Lemon Sqwheat

Hopper’s wheat beer with added lemon zest. This beer will quench your thirst during those blazing hot Carolina summer days. 4.8% ABV, 15 IBU.

Local Yokel Landlord’s Epiphany India Pale Ale

We thought we would brew a beer based on the grain bill used for a malt whiskey wash and cleverly call it a malt liquor. Instead, our aggressive bittering and dry hopping of the resulting wort led to a great West Coast IPA, but nothing resembling a malt liquor. We present to you our latest IPA, 7.6% ABV, 71 IBU of bitterness, hoppy nose and clean finish, perfect for enjoying here at the Plant!

Mendel’s Dominant Recessive Kölsch

Kolsch is a German-style ale  traditionally brewed in and around Koln, Germany.  We plan on brewing our Kolsch-style ale using a traditional German ale yeast but will focus on North Carolina-sourced hops and grain. This beer honors the father of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel, and his world-changing hereditary research based on seven characteristics of pea plants. Over several years, he tracked plant height, along with the color and shape of the pea pods, seeds, and flowers, which established the initial rules now known as Mendelian inheritance. 4.8% ABV, 24 IBU.

Strawberry Blonde Belgian Style Ale (ON DECK)

This true-to-style Belgian Blonde was enhanced with dried strawberries and and some additional strawberry puree.

Teutonic Lager

Based on our Octoberfest 285 Märzen, this version retains the rich, malty lager and balanced German Noble hop bitterness characteristics of the original formulation. We changed up the lager yeast strain and added an additional 3 months of cold conditioning at 34 degrees to produce this current version of a smooth drinking Märzen lager. A bit lower in ABV (4.3 %) and a tad sweeter than our Octoberfest, this sessionable lager is worthy of year-round consumption.

Waddle of Penguins Amber Ale

This sessionable amber is the perfect beer for a hot summer day and has just a touch of refreshing malty sweetness with a caramel finish. The slight sweetness is balanced by a soft 26 IBU of bitterness provided by English hops. Sip on this 4.3% ABV brew while enjoying its gentle profile and balanced taste.

Washington’s Revenge Sour Cherry Ale (ON DECK)

Our peach and mango sours were so wildly popular, we decided to try something different. We still used Lachancea yeast but in the spirit of our first president, we added sour cherry puree to give this next bmc sour ale a more adult feel. The sour cherry on the nose is the perfect addition to a crisp, sour ale!

Zöe’s Small American Ale

Zöe was a small, sleek, black, short-hair domestic cat that ruled the house, in spite of her diminutive size. This small American ale is brewed with a traditional Midwestern lager grain and hop bill. Corn and low bitterness (11 IBU) dominate with a clean finish. At less than 3.5% ABV, feel free to enjoy several of these beers while remembering your favorite feline friend.


Stay Tuned:

A variety of specialty and seasonal beers, including Bite My Pickle Sour, Kid Spit Double Rye IPA, Crushed Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin Ale, and many more will also be offered on a rotating basis. These will be part of a line of beers known as “Stay tuned” and will be offered throughout the year, with particularly popular beers joining our regular line of taps.