Gone but not forgotten

These are beers that we have brewed but aren’t currently available in our taproom. Be on the lookout for them to make a reappearance though, and tell us what beers you miss!

1711 Burst Ale

A simple American Pale Ale exploring a new hop developed at NCSU and grown in Chatham County at Bee Hoppy Farms. This is a single hop ale using 1711 for bittering, flavor, and aroma. How do you like it? Should more be grown?

Achromatic India Black Ale

A spicy, roasty, 5.6% abv IPA with moderate bitterness and piney citrus hop flavors from a combination of Chinook, Amarillo, Cascade, and Citra hops weighing in at 69 IBU. A tasty, dark alternative take on a classic style made for enjoying a Fall day.

Appalachian Trail Amber Ale

This beer pays homage to the beauty (and tastes) of the Appalachian Trail. Brewed with rosemary-infused honey, this ruby beer will remind you of the sights and sounds of the Appalachian mountains. Earthiness on the nose and finish from Saaz dry hops give this beer a distinctive personality. 6.6% ABV, 37 IBU.

Baby’s Oatmeal Stout

Baby’s Oatmeal Stout is a nod to Frances Perkins, the first woman to serve in a Presidential Cabinet.  A workers right advocate, she was Secretary of Labor under both Roosevelt and Truman.  This stout boasts toasted oats, a local grain bill, and honey for depth. Baby is a reference to her namesake, Frances Houseman, and we hope that no one puts Baby’s Oatmeal Stout in a corner.

Barrel Aged Uisce Móna Stout 

Irish stout with roasted barley and dark crystal malt complexity. 4.8% ABV with 23 IBU of bitterness from Centennial hops, finished with East Kent Goldings for hop aroma. Barrel aged for 2 months in Smooth Ambler Bourbon Barrels! It has subtle sweet undertones of the bourbon on the aroma and the finish.

Black Squirrel English Style Brown Porter brewed with coffee

A frisky version of the historic English brown porter containing a high percentage of brown malt. Moderately roasty with bold coffee enhancement from cold-brewed Aceh Sumatra and fresh roasted Kanyon Mountain Farm Kenyon beans. Moderate bitterness from Northdown hops and an ABV of 4.3%

Broken Foot Belgian Style Dubbel Ale

Sometimes the simple act of carrying a box of bamboo flooring can lead to a person breaking a foot and allowing them time to come up with a new beer recipe!  This classic dubbel has 43 IBUs from Brewer’s Gold and EKG hops, sports a 5.8% ABV, estery nose and rich mouthfeel.

Bumbles Bounce Maibock

We’re releasing this Maibock a bit early. Maibock translates to “Month of May” and is brewed to be enjoyed at spring festivals. Lagered for 6 weeks at 34°F, this beer boasts 8% ABV, hints of caramel, 28 IBU of bitterness so this friendly monster of a traditional German beer will help you welcome spring in the best way possible.

Copeland’s Best Bitter

An English-style pale ale brewed with Copeland Springs Farms sweet potatoes grown right outside our front door. A balanced malt profile and earthy hop notes derived from an experimental hop developed at NCSU and grown here in Chatham County by Bee Hoppy Farms. This collaboration beer is 5% ABV and only 34 IBU.

Cottidae Grapefruit India Pale Ale

West Coast-Style IPA with plenty of citrus highlights from Simco, Amarillo, and Cascade hops enhanced with grapefruit zest and finished with fresh ruby red grapefruit juice.  Hopped to 70 IBU and fermented to 7.5% ABV.  Inspired by Sculpin!

Covfefe Coffee Blonde Ale

Coffee Blonde is our first Beverage District collaboration beer.  Brewed with cold brew concentrate from Vortex Roasters Sumatra Manheling coffee, this beer also boasts Epiphany Foundation and Vienna malts with Cascades bittering and Simcoe aroma hops. 4.6%ABV, 18 IBU.

Dinkel Tinkel Saison Farmhouse Ale

Dinkel Tinkel is a traditional farmhouse ale in the French Saison style brewed with 30% malted spelt grain. Dry and fruity with moderate bitterness. An experimental New Zealand hop provides citrus, hay and soft spiciness. 6.3% ABV and 40 IBU.

Don’t Fear the Reaper Ale

This spicy coriander ale  is an ode to NC grown peppers. Carolina Reapers provide a refreshing forward heat that doesn’t linger, while Aji Dulce Red peppers from Heart Song Farm in Silk Hope impart peppery, floral, and sweet notes on the nose and tongue. This recipe is a collaboration with local homebrewer Allen Parker, who lent his talents to producing this one-of-a-kind pepper beer for this year’s Pepperfest. At 6.8% ABV and 35 IBU, this refreshing beer is a great way to celebrate NC agriculture and enjoy the spice and flavor of two distinctive pepper varieties. 

Golden Moments Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian pale ale made with Vienna and Pilsner malts from Epiphany Malt in Durham, NC. This beer is 7.0% ABV with 22 IBU from Hallertau Blanc and Saaz hops to finish. A light and refreshing traditional Belgian beer. Enjoy this drinkable beer while contemplating life and all the moments that made you, you.

GRIM Ale with Ginger and Rosemary

How bad could it be to load up some of our Small American Ale with ginger and rosemary flavors? Turns out it results in a great, drinkable beer with sharp ginger flavor and spectacular rosemary aroma and subtle flavor profile. Not grim at all!!! With 3.3% ABV and only 11 IBU of bitterness, this drink highlights some of the available flavors found growing right here at the Plant and grown locally on Chatham County farms.

Hopper’s German Wheat Ale

A traditional German style wheat beer brewed in homage to Grace Hopper, a ground-breaking female computer scientist and one of the first woman admirals in the US Navy. Only the third person in the world to program Harvard’s Mark I computer, Admiral Hopper used her visionary talent to conceive of a wider audience for computers based on machine-agnostic languages that any programmer could learn and use. 4.8% ABV, 16 IBU.

Ignoble Bohemian Pilsner

A lager brewed in the old world way with bready malt flavors and a hint of sweetness balanced by a rounded, spicy hop bitterness from traditional Saaz hops.  4.9% ABV, 42 IBU.

Lemon Pepper German Wheat Ale

Hopper’s wheat beer with added lemon zest and a kick from Tobago peppers. This is bmc brewing’s special beer in honor of Pepperfest.  All proceeds will be donated to Abundance NC to support their outstanding work with the community.

Lemon Sqwheat

Hopper’s wheat beer with added lemon zest. This beer will quench your thirst during those blazing hot Carolina summer days. 4.8% ABV, 15 IBU.

Local Yokel Landlord’s Epiphany India Pale Ale

We thought we would brew a beer based on the grain bill used for a malt whiskey wash and cleverly call it a malt liquor. Instead, our aggressive bittering and dry hopping of the resulting wort led to a great West Coast IPA, but nothing resembling a malt liquor. We present to you our latest IPA, 7.6% ABV, 71 IBU of bitterness, hoppy nose and clean finish, perfect for enjoying here at the Plant!

Off Island Oyster Stout

Designed to capture the meroir of the Outer Banks using wild NC oysters and shells in the boil of a rich, bittersweet British stout. Bittering around 39 IBU and fermented to 6.3% ABV. Cheers to North Carolina’s most important mollusk!

Pit Pucker Peach Sour Ale

Yeast hunters identified a unique Lachancea yeast strain collected in Philadelphia that produces both lactic acid (sour) and ethanol in the same fermentation. We used this new yeast strain in our first sour and added over 2 lbs per gallon of peach puree to the fermentation. With 26 IBU of bitterness and a moderate alcohol level, this beer will become your favorite session sour.

Strawberry Blonde Belgian Style Ale

This true-to-style Belgian Blonde was enhanced with dried strawberries and some additional strawberry puree. She’s a beauty!

Teutonic Lager

Based on our Octoberfest 285 Märzen, this version retains the rich, malty lager and balanced German Noble hop bitterness characteristics of the original formulation. We changed up the lager yeast strain and added an additional 3 months of cold conditioning at 34 degrees to produce this current version of a smooth drinking Märzen lager. A bit lower in ABV (4.3 %) and a tad sweeter than our Octoberfest, this sessionable lager is worthy of year-round consumption.

Von Frisch Dancing Bee Honey Brown Ale

This brown ale was made with local epiphany grains to give it not only a malty backbone, but a nutty finish. A lighter color brown that will make you think you have a glass of honey in your hand. Brewed with American wildflower honey straight from the hive, this brown ale tastes so good it will have you dancing like a bee! 5.6% ABV and 31 IBU.

Washington’s Revenge Sour Cherry Ale

Our peach and mango sours were so wildly popular, we decided to try something different. We still used Lachancea yeast but in the spirit of our first president, we added sour cherry puree to give this next bmc sour ale a more adult feel. The sour cherry on the nose is the perfect addition to a crisp, sour ale!

Zöe’s Small American Ale

Zöe was a small, sleek, black, short-hair domestic cat that ruled the house, in spite of her diminutive size. This small American ale is brewed with a traditional Midwestern lager grain and hop bill. Corn and low bitterness (11 IBU) dominate with a clean finish. At less than 3.5% ABV, feel free to enjoy several of these beers while remembering your favorite feline friend.