Gone but not forgotten

These are beers that we have brewed but aren’t currently available in our taproom. Be on the lookout for them to make a reappearance though, and tell us what beers you miss!

bmc brewing

Broken Foot Belgian Style Dubbel Ale – Sometimes the simple act of carrying a box of bamboo flooring can lead to a person breaking a foot and allowing them time to come up with a new beer recipe!  This classic dubbel has 43 IBUs from Brewer’s Gold and EKG hops, sports a 5.8% ABV, estery nose and rich mouthfeel.

Golden Moments Belgian Pale Ale –  Belgian pale ale made with Vienna and Pilsner malts from Epiphany Malt in Durham, NC. This beer is 7.0% ABV with 22 IBU from Hallertau Blanc and Saaz hops to finish.

Carolina Fermentation Unlimited

Carolina Uncommon Steam Beer – (second batch is fermenting) This hybrid lager/ale, called a “Common” or “Steam” beer, has a spicy malt profile with moderate bitterness. Made “uncommon” by use of 30% malted NC rye with a touch of honey sweetness using bruehmalt from Durham’s Epiphany Craft Malt.

Oktoberfest 285 Lager – (second batch is fermenting) Rich, malty lager balanced with clean German noble hop bitterness. With notes of toasted bread and honey, this Marzen-style Oktoberfest is a perfect brew to celebrate our delightful Fall weather.

Black Squirrel English Style Brown Porter brewed with coffee – A frisky version of the historic English brown porter containing a high percentage of brown malt. Moderately roasty with bold coffee enhancement from cold-brewed Aceh Sumatra and fresh roasted Kanyon Mountain Farm Kenyon beans. Moderate bitterness from Northdown hops and an ABV of 4.3%

Off Island Oyster Stout – Designed to capture the meroir of the Outer Banks using wild NC oysters and shells in the boil of a rich, bittersweet British stout. Bittering around 39 IBU and fermented to 6.3% ABV. Cheers to North Carolina’s most important mollusk!